Hair Transplant Surgeon

The least frequented trail tracks in the service of beauty and emotion.

In my youth, I had three passions: archeology, art and medicine. When I went on vacation with my grandparents in the Armenian countryside, I was always impressed by the doctor’s charisma when he came to visit. People looked at him with hope, with even greater consideration than the mayor, or the other notables. People were already relieved just by his presence, before starting treatment. I was fascinated by the respect and kindness that was associated with this status.

So I studied medicine. I went to cosmetic surgery. My passion for art made me want to recreate beauty, new faces.

The face is your business card, what you offer at first glance. The interest for me is to relieve the pain of those patients who are not sick. Those people who suffer from their complexes. These small evils often end up creating big ones, causing any kind of chronic disease.

After more than ten years in Russia, I had the opportunity to come to work in Mauritius. Living on a tropical island, it was for me a dream, something too good to happen to me. I remember this strange piece that my parents brought back from India, knowing my taste for numismatic. A magnificent and unknown word: Mauritius.

Years later, as I was looking for a house to buy on the island, I definitely wanted a garden with tall trees. I had visited several of them, not finding what I was looking for … Until the day when, in this ultimate garden, my steps lead me to a burst of light that shines. At the foot of the tree, scarcely visible, the same room. I thought back to this childhood gift, which had remained in my home, in Armenia. It was here as a message. A second home.

I have always had an explorer’s soul. I have traveled the island in every detail. And I traveled all over the world: Italy, Egypt, Greece, France … Everywhere, I looked for the paths less frequented. In my work too. In the Centre Esthétique de l’Océan Indien, innovation is permanent, as soon as it brings something positive to the patient. Our goal is to improve ever more, for those we care for.


Member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) since 2008.