Wrinkle Correction

Wrinkles are “fractures” of the skin that occur at a certain point of the face that, urged by expression and mimicry, undergo premature embrittlement; Example: the forehead, the crow’s feet and the lips. Their shape, depth and length vary according to the individuals and their location; As well as their treatment is not unique, it may be proposed depending on the case. Either a direct treatment of skin resurfacing (peeling or dermabrasion or laser) Either a filling treatment (collagen, hyaluronic acid (surgiderm, juvederm, hyfrafill) or reinjection of fat) Finally, a direct action on the muscles involved (injection of botulinum toxin, frontal lifting, restoration of the orbicular muscles for the wrinkles of the ‘crow’s feet’). These different treatments can also be associated if necessary. 

In any case, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of the preventive treatment of these first effects of aging:
Sun protection: avoid excessive exposure; Systematic use of protective creams.Restriction of tobacco
Correction of a possible deficiency (iron, calcium, magnesium …)
The most frequent risk after these interventions remains the patient’s dissatisfaction, especially when he expected an unrealistic result and in particular an excessive change.
Minor changes are often preferable to an overly ambitious intervention that might give an unnatural result.

The re-injection of fat ” Filling ”

The filling of a wrinkle or the filling of a hollow face can be carried out from the fat tissue of the patient. This simple technique also offers a number of advantages. As far as the patient’s own fat is concerned, there is no possible allergy and therefore there is no need for a pre-test. The sampling is done under local anesthesia, in a discrete region and it is painless.

In conclusion, the injection is mainly indicated for the relatively deep wrinkles (nasolabial furrow, “lion wrinkles”), and depressed areas of the face (hollow cheeks, dark circles, temporal fossae) or even to inflate the lips or cheekbones .

Operative surgeries: bruises can form and take 2 weeks to disappear. The duration of this effect varies approximately 6 months. However, a certain amount of injected fat (about 50%) will take as a graft and persist indefinitely.

Hyaluronic Acid

Resorbable product in the form of gel which, once injected into the skin of the face will capture the molecules of circulating water and swell at the injected place.
PURPOSE: To smooth out wrinkles, to attenuate the furrows, to erase the fracture of the dermis, to reshape the volumes, to redraw the contours of the face, to reduce the dark circles.
METHOD: The injection is done in the dermis using a fine needle or a cannula more or less deeply according to the indication and the desired effect. A local anesthetic in the form of a cream is systematically proposed because of pain at the injection sites. Anesthetic cream or relaxing anesthetic gas (MEOPA) can be used at the request of the patient to limit the pain due to injections.
RESULTS: Immediate and often excellent, they can be more or less masked on the first days by edema or small bruises but which do not require cessation of social or professional activity. The products are held for 6 to 8 months depending on the dose injected, the depth of the wrinkle, the thickness and the texture of the skin, the mobility of the area.

Botulinum Toxin (Botox)

Used since the 1980s in medicine in neurology, ophthalmology, in particular, it is today one of the most sought-after indications in aesthetic medicine to relax the facial muscles that provoke by wrinkling expression.

PURPOSE: To remove or attenuate these wrinkles of expression mainly at the forehead, glabella (wrinkles of the lion, eyes (crow’s feet) which remain the most wanted indications. Thanks to the excellent results obtained new indications appear such than :

  • Perior buccal wrinkles
  • Chin wrinkles
  • Wrinkles of the neck and décolleté
  • Lower eyelids
  • Platyhsmales

METHOD: tiny injections are distributed in the muscles previously identified as being responsible for the wrinkling of the skin by contracting. Anesthetic cream or relaxing anesthetic gas (MEOPA) can be used at the request of the patient to limit the pain due to injections.
RESULTS: They appear after 5 to 7 days, the forehead becomes smooth, loses its severe and sad character. The folds of the crow’s feet fade away. The effect lasts between 4 and 6 months on average with a gradual return to the normal state. The consistency of the results explains the success and popularity of this technique.

Botulinum Toxin for Hyper-Sudation

A particular indication of the botulinum toxin deserves to be noted: hyper-sweating of the hands, sub-arms, scalp. Tiny injections of product are made in the area to be treated with an efficacy extending over 6 months. 

After 2 or 3 sessions, the effects become cumulative and persist longer. Finished the aureoles under the arms on the beautiful shirt or evening gown, hands always wet, hair curling after brushing. 

Anesthetic cream or relaxing anesthetic gas (MEOPA) can be used at the request of the patient to limit the pain due to injections.

The Plasma-Lift® PRP

Immediate good-looking effect – A natural cell regeneration technique for skin rejuvenation. You’ve dreamed of a natural solution to fight dark circles and wrinkles that give you a tired look, stretch marks or acne scars that make you complex. The technique of BIO-STIMULATION PLAQUETTAIRE is made for you. You probably do not know, but your own body possesses unsuspected regenerative virtues. A lasting effect on the face, neck, hands and stretch marks, by using your own youthfulness. Your platelets have exceptional revitalizing qualities that will naturally secrete elastin and collagen and improve tissue vascularization. This results in a new elasticity of your skin, a volumizing effect, and they also help to blur the unsightly stains.

PLASMA-LIFT for the face
PURPOSE: To regenerate the elasticity and texture of the face and neck by the revitalizing and regenerating properties of platelets.
METHOD: Reliable and natural and without any risk of allergy, this technique involves multiple small reinjection of your own plasma previously taken and distributed over the areas to be treated. Two to three sessions spaced from 2 to 3 weeks are needed to get good stimulation. Anesthetic cream or relaxing anesthetic gas (MEOPA) can be used at the request of the patient to limit the pain due to injections.
RESULTS: Immediate and excellent and maintained over time as tissue regeneration is achieved; Maintenance sessions of one to two per year are recommended to encourage this.

The Plasma-Hair

The technique of BIO-STIMULATION PLAQUETTAIRE is made for you. You probably do not know, but your own body possesses unsuspected regenerative virtues. If you are concerned by a significant loss of hair, these platelet extracts, because of their richness in growth factors, also allow an improvement of the capillary microcirculation and a germ-stimulation of the hair bulb.
METHOD: Reliable, natural and without risk of allergy. This technique involves multiple small reinjection of your own plasma previously taken and distributed over the areas to be treated.
Two to three sessions spaced 2 to 3 weeks are needed to get good stimulation.
A relaxing anesthetic gas (MEOPA) can be used at the request of the patient to limit the pain due to injections.


Dermabrasion is a sanding or rotary grinding, done superficially on the skin to flatten the various reliefs. This technique is performed under local anesthesia most often, and therefore does not require hospitalization.

It is effective on some scars (sequelae of acne), and some wrinkles include fine lines of the lips.
After the dermabrasion, a dressing is put in place for 48 hours then personalized care is prescribed (epidermis reconstitutes in 8 days). Avoid unprotected exposures to the sun.
Resurfacing or Laserbrasion

Resurfacing with pulsed CO2 laser is a treatment of the surface of the skin by vaporization. Indication: Treatment of cutaneous aging; Wrinkles around the mouth, eye contour, wrinkles and sunspots all over the face, treatment of acne scars.
Resurfacing is performed under local anesthesia with Emla cream or by injection of xylocaine.
The sequences are comparable to those of a peel.


Peeling methods…
There are several mild procedures that can help improve skin texture and radiance. Peels are one of them. Peels are popular for many reasons. The main one being that it is a mild aesthetic procedure that does not require the intervention of a surgeon. Why do men and women opt for this type of treatment? Most of the time, it is to get rid of acne. As Doctor Marie-Christine Piat explains, this method has proven to be effective for many years now. “I usually perform superficial fruit acid peels to treat acne. Demand is high as results are really significant.”

Add a glow to your face…
The second reason for which well-being enthusiasts decide to undergo fruit acid peels is for its radiance effect.  There exists however another method. More invasive, but just as effective, depigmentation peels have already won over many patients. They help get rid of blemishes caused by ageing, as well as other skin imperfections. This method requires a one-month skin preparation prior to treatment. Chemical products are then applied to the skin. Follow-up is important. Usually, three to four sessions are necessary, one month apart. And protecting the skin from the sun is essential.

# Briefly
Peels boost cell renewal and help eliminate, from the surface of the skin, dead cells that blur the complexion. The key active ingredient in chemical exfoliations is glycolic acid, the most well-known fruit acid. The concentration of which varies gradually (from 20% to 70%) during sessions, according to skin thickness and sensitivity. For optimal peel effectiveness, the skin must be prepared before the treatment and well taken care of after. Thus, a retinol, glycolic acid or vitamin A cream must be applied at least fifteen days before the first session and during three months following the last one. Throughout this period, the skin must be carefully protected to avoid risks of pigmentation (skin colouring).


To improve the quality of the skin
Carboxytherapy to treat cellulite and stretch marks

Orange peel skin on women’s bodies can be effectively treated by this method.
The CO2 is used to eliminate part of the adipocytes, while favoring the oxygenation, the drainage and reduction of fat with favorable effects.

Stretch marks and carbon dioxide
It is a very good indication, if these are not too recent and white in colour, as this is an area where there are no real therapeutic solution. Excellent results can be obtained, especially on pigmented or dark-coloured skins.

Carboxytherapy leads to a better oxygenation and this improves the skin’s moisture as well as its elasticity. This is a light and safe method, wgich consists in injecting sterile medical carbon dioxide under the skin by using a very thin needle. The gas being very soluble, i twill diffuse very quickly. For a satisfactory result, it requires 8-12 sessions in the first phase and a maintenance session every two to three months.


Cavitation, a high-end technique for the treatment of localised accumulation of body fat.

“It Enable us to provide to our patients a non-surgical body contouring treatment. After having duly assessed the requirements and needs of the patient through a preliminary diagnostic, the most relevant method is prescribed.”

This non-invasive process, through which micro-bubbles, generated from the use of ultrasound, produce shock waves that weed out fat tissues, in localised areas, by transforming them in a liquid state, thus eliminating the adipocytes (or fat cells), instead of simply fighting against fat cells as it is the case with other techniques used. Cavitation is a totally safe treatment as it does not cause any damage to the internal organs, due to the fact that as the ultrasound is administered at a high frequency, it does not penetrate further than a depth of 2.5 to 3 cm, over a localised zone.
Objectives The reduction of the body volume is done progressively as the body fat is eliminated gradually over a period of 3 to 4 weeks. Each session can contribute to the elimination of up to 2 cm of the body volume. However, an active collaboration from the patient, in the form of a fitness programme together with an adapted diet, is required so as to be able to maintain the results obtained.
Indications While the aim of this non-invasive treatment is to reduce the body volume, it may not be the answer to all overweight problems.This technique can help in cases of localised adiposities or a slight overweight problem, but cannot be looked into as a solution for those suffering from obesity.
The number of sessions vary from one person to another, as reactions to the treatment will differ, with some experiencing faster results than others.Generally speaking, one should account for six to eight sessions, with one or two sessions of 40 to 50 minutes, per week, depending on the size and characterist ics of the area to undergo the treatment.While visible results can be seen right from the first session, one should expect to see more noticeable results as from the fourth session.

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