Facial Implants

Facial Implants

Facial implants play a preeminent role in aesthetic plastic surgery today than ever before. If a weak jaw, small chin or lack of facial contour bothers you, plastic surgery with facial implants is for you. Facial implants bring a better proportion and balance to the structural appearance of your face.

Facial implants are composed of solid materials like silicone, which are compatible with human tissues. Previously, this type of cosmetic treatment was limited to a few standard-sized implants. But presently, implants are available in many shapes, sizes and styles, which imply that there are now treatment solutions for all areas of the face.

Genioplasty with chin implant

Chin surgery or genioplasty is generally known as chin repositioning. This surgical procedure is done to fix receding chins, chin alignment or chin excess.

Reshaping the chin can be carried out by using chin implants. There are several types of implants available, made from a range of materials, inclusive of silicone or other substances. There is actually no available evidence to suspect that silicone implants cause any disease. During the procedure, an incision is made inside the lower lip or under the chin and the implant is placed through this incision.

Rhinoplasty with nasal implant

Simply put, rhinoplasty – sometimes call nose job or nasal reshaping- is the mechanism of permanently enhancing nasal contour by means of plastic surgery. Every rhinoplasty consists of reshaping the nasal cartilage and/or nasal bone to get a natural and harmonious contour that beautifies the face.

Nasal implants are used to fix nasal deficiencies in the dorsal area (bridge of nose) as well as many other areas of the nose or the sides. They may be used to add height or definition to a flat nose or tip in an ethnic African American or Asian nose job or they may be used to correct a collapse on one side of the nose to make it look straighter. An implant may also be used to support a drooping nasal tip. Implants are frequently used in revision rhinoplasty where too much cartilage was removed from a previous rhinoplasty.

Cheekbone augmentation with implant

High prominent cheekbones and a well-defined jawline are highly desirable facial features and characteristics of beauty. Further to natural cheek prominence, with facial ageing the cheeks become flatter as a result of loss of facial volume and reduced facial fat. Cheek augmentation surgery can upgrade facial contour and balance out facial features.

The use of silicone implants to the cheeks gives an enhanced cheek bone appearance. The surgical insertion of these implants is a prevailing procedure that can be done on their own or together with other treatments such as a facelift or chin augmentation.

Forehead augmentation with implant

The forehead, which takes about one third of the face, is one of the major components of a feminine or masculine look. A forehead augmentation is a surgery to give you volume of forehead via fat graft or implant. This surgery not only contours your forehead but also your overall face considering facial line from forehead, cheekbone, and nose to chin in order to give a youth appearance.

Nowadays, custom-made forehead implant is the best solution, which can be matching each individual condition. The custom made implant will give a 4D-effect to the forehead which suites for those who have an uneven forehead, flat or those who desire to add up voluminous forehead. Forehead augmentation by implant surgery uses a highly customized synthetic implant positioned just above the bone and introduced through several incisions hidden in the hair of the scalp. The result is permanent which gives you a natural good looking forehead.

Temporal Augmentation with implant

Augmentation of the temporal region is a new area for synthetic facial implants. While every other facial implant designed is for bony augmentation, temporal implants bring enhancement of the soft tissue (muscle) region of the side of the forehead and eye.

Temporal augmentation with implants is done by inserting them through a small vertical incision in the temporal hairline. They are placed on top of the muscle but below the overlying fascia. They consist of a very soft and flexible silicone material that feels like soft tissue (muscle or fat) and not hard like bone. Different shapes and thicknesses of implants are applicable to best fill out each patient’s temporal defects.

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