The Centre Esthétique de L’Océan Indien,

is first and foremost the embodiment of a passion. A passion for helping people turn over a new leaf and free themselves from anything weighing them down. A passion for doing things right, with the utmost respect for people, customers, employees. A passion for growth and moving forward, without letting anything get in the way.

A passion sorely tested … It all began in 2007 with the creation of a team of thrilled surgeons and dentists, all from Reunion island. But our original facility, initially dedicated to hair-related services, was much too small.  We had to find a piece of land and obtain the relevant building permits.

And this signalled the beginning of an uphill battle for the founder. Construction works were authorised, then stopped, then resumed…while time, as well as our financial resources, were wasting away. One year, then two, went by. The dentists had made huge investments in equipment which had yet to make it out of their cardboard boxes. This was eating up all of our bank loan money… Even cyclones were giving us a hard time by ruining whatever had been built.

It looked like this amazing dream that we had was never to become reality. The dream of providing high-end treatments in a delightful setting with well-being as sole focus. The dream of being able to help others build something meaningful.

And then, when it seemed like things were in a state of deadlock, an agreement was reached. A sign, a ray of hope for us all.

Employees and future partners had never withdrawn their support for the project. They had never, like a pack in a scrum, doubted the passion, the unstoppable drive for excellence. Even when Gérard himself had thought all was lost. That all his years of hard work would amount to nothing.

Now, it was time to roll up our sleeves and start building and creating.

Creating what would later be referred to as the “pioneer of medical tourism” in Mauritius. Creating a structure involving some fifty people, fully dedicated to providing the best possible care and to becoming leaders in their respective fields of expertise.

A new, brighter future awaits you…   

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