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Aesthetic Medicine

Wrinkles, volume loss, sagging around the oval of the face,imperfections,blurred complexion, dark spots and hyperpigmentation,dilated pores,acne, exhausted and sad gaze,dense facial hairiness, aging skin,cellulitis,excessive sweating,weight gain,… are all reminders of the adverse effect of passing time that we wish to overturn or at least mitigate. Thanks to the arsenal of varying techniques offered by cosmetic medicine today, we can now age graciously by adopting skin and body care routine and enhancing our silhouette. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP), Fibrin  Rich Plasma (FRP), peelings, fillers, botulinum toxin, thread lift, Jett Plasma, LASER, electrocoagulation, are amongst the different procedures proposed by Dr Marie Christine Piat.

The Treatments


The non surgical eyelid lifting. A medical technique that allows rejuvenation of droopy eyelids and enhances the gaze.It can also be a solution to get rid of xanthelasma - (excessive deposit of fat) around the eyes, unsightly facial moles and warts.


The use of one’s own organic fat, delicately harvested under local anesthetic and reinjected in areas that need filling. The lipofilling enables volume reconstruction on facial zones that need further restoration.


Once injected in the skin, this resorbable product acts as a moisture binder and contracts with the water molecules promoting a plumper look in the filled areas. It smoothes fine lines, softens deep creases , reconciles volumes, redefines the contours of the face, rejuvenates the eyes and plumps up the lips.The results are immediate and excellent and last up to 9 or 12 months depending on the previous condition of the skin, the patient's lifestyle and age.


Popular in the neurology and ophthalmology field since 1980’s, Botulinum Toxin is now one of the mainstream treatments in Cosmetic medicine aiding relaxation of face muscles’ ,the root causes of expression lines. The aim is to remove or reduce them. The most sought-after indications are on the forehead, the glabella (frown lines) and the crow's feet (around the eyes). It is also highly effective in fighting excessive underarm sweating. Botulinum Toxin is a long lasting miraculous solution which has a cumulative effect over time as the sessions progress.


Revolutionary anti-ageing treatment - involving re-injection of your own plasma into all areas of the face, on the neckline and cleavage (upon request) to rejuvenate, plump and stimulate tissues. Using the regenerative of the patient’s own blood, PRP and PRF are entirely organic and guarantee complete safety.


Revitalizing the skin by peeling off the outermost layer or deeper - upper part or lower middle layer of the skin. The procedure helps to tighten pores, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, treat certain spots, effectively and quickly diminish acne scars, illuminate dull skin with an instant glow or enhance a good make up session for a special occasion.

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