Intimate surgery
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Female Intimate Surgery

Your love life is put on hold or your couple suffers because you lack confidence in your intimate relationship. For many years, plastic surgery has aimed to correct body imperfections, and both men and women no longer hesitate to take the plunge. However, intimate surgery, although mastered for many years, probably still suffers from a lack of “communication”. However, it offers a range of solutions that combine aesthetics and improved quality of sex life.



This is based on an increase in its volume and the accentuation of its sensitivity through the use of a filler, hyaluronic acid. The purpose of the act is to increase or restore sexual pleasure for those who find it difficult to have it, those who regret having only a clitoral orgasm, as well as those suffering from pain during sexual intercourse or vaginal dryness. G-spot augmentation is not appropriate for women with recurrent sexual dysfunction or just relationship difficulties.


It makes it possible to repair a torn hymen without leaving a visible trace and by the same to restore the virginity of the woman. The hymen is reconstructed from the remnants of the hymen, suturing them to close it. The operation has no effect on sexual intercourse or childbirth. Hymenoplasty can be performed from adulthood and without age limit. Duration 40 minutes. Simple and painless procedure. Possibility of local anesthesia and sedation. Resorption of the threads after 3 weeks, when the resumption of physical and sexual activities is authorized.


This involves shortening or reshaping the vaginal lips. These labia minora, in case of excess, are at the origin of great complexes for the patient. This causes clothing discomfort (problem when wearing tight-fitting clothes). Hyperpigmentation is frequently associated, due to friction in lingerie. The discomfort can be psychological during sexual intercourse where the woman will have difficulty undressing. A treatment of this labial excess makes it possible to obtain a harmonious vulva. The unwanted tissue is removed, and the loose edge is sutured with thin absorbable sutures.


It is a vaginal rejuvenation process that involves reinjecting autologous fat from other areas of the body and reinjecting it into the labia majora for a more youthful appearance (lipofilling). With age, they can make the vulva look less youthful. Like all lipofilling, we proceed to a fat sample in the first place, to be defined according to the patient (thigh, belly, etc.). Then, the fat is prepared by centrifugation and immediately reinjected into the labia majora. This injection of fat improves the quality of the skin, the labia majora are curved, plumped up and therefore have a younger appearance.


It is an intimate surgical intervention which consists of strengthening the muscles of the perineum (pelvic floor) in order to reduce the width of the vaginal orifice. The perineum allows women to experience pleasure during sex and to control the urge to urinate. A distended perineum consequently causes reduced sensations during sexual intercourse and incontinence. Muscle relaxation can be due to aging or childbirth. The operation aims to restore the vagina to its optimal state and regain the sensitivity and sexual pleasure it provides.


The operation aims to reduce the size of the hood of the clitoris. In some women, this cap may be thicker or longer, and may cause hygiene problems. Reducing the thickness and length of this skin by incisions will increase the sensitivity of the organ during sexual intercourse. Clitoral hood reduction can be done in conjunction with labiaplasty, especially if there is a significant or complete reduction of the inside of the labia. Duration 20 to 30 minutes. Minor surgery. Local anesthesia. Healing after two weeks. Wait 4 to 5 weeks before resuming certain physical activities.

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