Hair transplants for women, Hair Transplant Treatment in Mauritius

Hair transplants for women in Mauritius involve the surgical procedure of moving hair follicles from one part of the scalp to another to treat hair loss or thinning. This procedure is typically recommended for women who have experienced significant hair loss due to genetics, hormonal changes, or other factors. It can help restore confidence and […]

Acne treatment

Acne, a prevalent skin condition affecting individuals globally, requires a nuanced understanding of its causes and effective treatment strategies. In the tropical paradise of Mauritius, where unique…

This treatment is carried out as a mesotherapy, the protocol currently used is a minimum of 4 sessions at 15 days intervals, after the sessions of interviews (1 to 2, per year) according to your hair. Used for more than 10 years in repair surgery for their healing and revitalizing properties, enriched platelet extracts give […]

PLASMA rich in blood platelets. The PRP method As soon as the blood sample is taken, the blood platelets are separated to obtain the plasma, which contains growth factors able to revitalize or even regenerate the tissues, the hair follicles are stimulated by the injection of these factors of platelet growth. ALPHARÉGUL FOR MAN · […]

The breasts have always had an emotional and symbolic value in women. They represent femininity and play an essential role in the image of women. Often attributed to maternity, the breasts are the object of all the attention and have a direct relation with the confidence and the identity of a person. It is no […]

YOUR NEW HAIR WITH THE “FUE DENSITY” METHOD. The Esthetic Hair Center team has more than 18 years of experience in the field of hair transplantation. Since 2000, this team has treated more than 5000 patients from more than 31 countries. These interventions, without pain and without scars, take place exclusively in Mauritius, Trou aux […]

Always looking for new techniques to satisfy and offer optimum comfort to its patients, the Center of Cosmetic Surgery of the Indian Ocean practices the technique of the Extraction Density -FUE DENSITY® Unit. Considered as ‘Haute Couture de la Graffe de Cheveux’, FUE DENSITY® is favored by the team at the center because it is […]

One of the world leaders in hair transplantation, the Hair Transplant Center, which was founded 16 years ago in Pointe Aux Canonniers, has been installed for 7 years in Trou Aux Biches (Hair Transplant Center of Esthetic Surgery And Dental Surgery of the Indian Ocean) in an establishment worthy of a five-star hotel. Painless – […]

Our mouths today contain a veritable mosaic of metals and different materials laid by dentists. All these materials used in modern dentistry are complex physicochemical compounds, for which technical qualities take precedence over biocompatible qualities. There are sometimes more than 30 different substances in a buccal cavity. Some are visible, others buried inside the dental […]

I go regularly to the dentist but I still have cavities, I do not understand. My teeth do not stop breaking one after the other, I do not understand why. Despite my regular visits to the dentist, I still have pain in my teeth. I know there’s work to be done in my mouth, but […]

The all-ceramic crown has a core of alumina or zirconia *. It is designed without a metal frame and is covered with an aesthetic ceramic of the same color as that of the tooth. Zirconia is a material that can withstand wear and time and its transparency is similar to that of the natural tooth. […]

In good physiological conditions, the teeth appear harmoniously on both dental arches. They are well aligned and can thus work efficiently by distributing their forces among themselves, especially when masticating and swallowing. What is dental malposition? When there is not enough space, or an excess of space in the jaw, the teeth are placed as […]

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