Breast Augmentation in Mauritius

The breasts have always had an emotional and symbolic value in women. They represent femininity and play an essential role in the image of women. Often attributed to maternity, the breasts are the object of all the attention and have a direct relation with the confidence and the identity of a person.

It is no secret that the feminine breast has always been the subject of great interest in man and today the trend is more towards a full-bodied breast, but light and natural. If you are thinking of using breast augmentation in Mauritius , you can count on the help of plastic surgeons from the Center for Surgery of the Indian Ocean. Here is a short summary of the intervention:

Before surgery

If you have decided to undergo breast augmentation, the surgeon will present you the choices to make for a natural result and in harmony with your personality. Based on his experience, your anatomy and the desired result, the surgeon will make recommendations on the following points:

Breast size

Nowadays breast implants exist in many shapes, sizes, profiles and even with different finishes that make it possible to have incredibly natural results.

Position of the implant

The prosthesis can be placed in front of the muscle (retro-glandular position) pectoral ie. Directly behind the gland and under the skin. The other option is the retro-muscular position where the prostheses are placed deeper, behind the large pectoral muscle. If you have a moderately dense breast tissue, the retro-glandular position will be a wiser choice. In case of little breast tissue, the retro-muscular position will be more advantageous.

Each position has different advantages for each woman. Your cosmetic surgeon will help you in deciding the best placement of implants in relation to your body and the physical exertions it endures.

Choice of scar

The location of the incision will be based on your preference, your morphology and the plastic surgeon’s recommendation. In all cases, the incision is short and will be almost invisible after a few months following the operation. The three types of incisions are;

  1. Under breast – in the breast under breast
  2. Axillary – scar under the armpit
  3. Under the areola – through the areola and under the nipple 

About breast augmentation

  • The implantation of breast implants is performed under local or general anesthesia and lasts on average an hour and a half.
  • Hospitalization of 24 to 48 hours in case of general anesthesia.
  • Pain may persist for the first 3 to 4 days after surgery, but this will gradually subside.
  • The wearing of bra is not recommended for 3 or 4 weeks
  • A special bra should be worn to help the breasts to take their final appearance
  • Avoid activities that require any physical exertion of the arms, such as driving or exercising during the first two weeks
  • Hyper-sensitivity and decreased sensitivity of the nipple may be seen in the days following surgery (sensitivity will return to normal gradually)


  • The risks of complications are very rare: a hematoma (collection of curd blood).
  • The use of breast implants is not associated with breast cancer.
  • Breastfeeding is quite possible after breast augmentation. It will only be necessary to wait until the breast has taken its definitive form (after 6 months to a year).
  • There is no legal age restriction for breast augmentation. However, it is advisable to wait for complete breast formation (puberty) before being operated on.
  • Do not hesitate to ask advice or ask questions to our cosmetic and plastic surgeons in Mauritius .