Perfection at the service of beauty

Center for Surgery of the Indian Ocean – Trou aux Biches

There are different ways to change your life. To feel yourself again or to come closer to his ideal. And when this stake rests on the appearance of the body, it is essential to be taken care of by professionals emeritus of the beauty sector.

The Center of Cosmetic Surgery of the Indian Ocean has managed to combine the rigor inherent in its medical activity with the services of an upscale hotel.

It is in the heart of the small coastal town of Trou-aux-Biches that this temple of beauty and well-being stands. A Balinese-inspired architecture, a garden of endemic plants and Zen spaces inviting to relax, it is within this little bubble where elegance and tranquility tangle to perfection that you can rely on the best of the profession . Here, you can let yourself go dreaming to your next life … with confidence. Because ” confidence ” is the word inspired by this high place of beauty. The Center of Cosmetic Surgery of the Indian Ocean meets international standards in terms of safety and hygiene and professionals are members of internationally recognized professional associations.

Whether you have chosen a Hair Transplant, a Surgery or a Dental Care, an Act of Medicine or aesthetic surgery, the quality services and the post-operative follow-up, according to your requirements, assure you To take the step of aesthetic surgery in all serenity.

Hair Transplantation – Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery – Dental Care and Surgery.

The Center of Cosmetic Surgery of the Indian Ocean offers the most innovative techniques and protocols to restore or preserve your hair. The Surgeons, all members of the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) put at your service their skills to make your hair a seductive asset.

All new methods of cellular rejuvenation have emerged and their benefits on the quality and appearance of the skin are real. PLASMA-LIFT® is a bio-stimulating platelet regimen that deeply regenerates your face and neck and offers excellent results on scars, stretch marks and skin tags.

Those who want to ward off the effects of time in the sweetest way, the clinic offers you the choice of Hyaluronic acid or Botox, absorbable molecules that will lastingly rejuvenate the features of your face …

Cryo-radiofrequency or Carboxytherapy allow you to recover the elasticity of your skin in a few sessions. As for cavitation, it tones the body helping you to get rid of any orange peel … safely! And for the followers of radical transformation, the Center of Cosmetic Surgery of the Indian Ocean proposes the operations of traditional aesthetic surgery: breast augmentation, liposuction, abdominoplasty, facelift …

As the beauty of the smile is at the heart of current aesthetic concerns, this temple dedicated to well-being hosts the most modern Surgery & Dental Care services. Dental implantology is a must and the techniques and materials used, guarantees of quality and durability, ensure the beauty of your teeth and the return of a glowing smile. In a few hours, you will leave the clinic with the teeth of your dreams!