Get an immediate and concised diagnosis through our “GLOBAL REFITTING CONCEPT”, which with the help of our advanced dental technology, enables our dentists to provide a programmed approach for the best treatment plan from simple to extremely difficult cases.


In less than an hour, we can provide you with a complete analysis of your dentition. The complete, rapid and easy oral dental check-up is an opportunity to make a real inventory of the dental situation, to have a detailed aud it of its deficiencies and needs to preserve its dentition for life.

It consists of reviewing all the elements of the mouth, without judging the acts performed previously:

  • Bone base,
  • State of roots,
  • Masticatory dynamics,
  • Analyzing the teeth,
  • Status of dental crowns

It is about starting from the existing content and making an objective approach to what can, or what needs to be improved.

The dental surgeon strives to understand the patient’s expectations, while respecting the fundamental and physiological principles of the nature that created us. It develops a detailed treatment plan by chronological step, revealing the absolute priorities and what can be planned over time:

  • Reinsulating of foundations (gums, bones)
  • Protection of existing teeth by doing everything possible to keep them alive
  • Replacement of missing teeth

Our goal is to offer you a justifiable result. The patient finally knows in a comprehensive way what needs to be improved and where are the priorities. He does not feel committed in any way and takes time for reflection. The high technicality of the dental tray, equipped with the latest generation of tools, coupled with the expertise of the medical and surgical team, optimizes the timing of care. Based on recognized therapeutic principles, the dental surgeon sets up A program of care suited to the availability of the patient.

The organization of the Center, skills, hospitality and accommodation, are unavoidable and unique criteria for quality care practiced in a minimum time, limiting the tedious return trips.

The complete oral check-up takes place in less than an hour.