Be in harmony with your body

Light and Soft Plastic Surgery

Some imperfections become heavy and prevent us from being fulfilled. When it comes to correcting facial or body imperfections that make us feel bad about ourselves, plastic surgery, through these different techniques, contributes to harmony, where simple rejuvenation techniques cannot. are more sufficient.



This procedure targets localized fat deposits in various body areas like the hips, belly, inner thighs, knees, calves, ankles, arms, and under the chin. The success of this surgery largely depends on the skin's elasticity and the extent of fatty infiltration.


This surgery aims to tighten the abdominal skin and muscles and often includes liposuction to remove excess fat. Performed under general or extensive local anesthesia, it typically lasts 2 to 2.5 hours. The final results are usually visible around the third month, stabilizing by the 8 month.


Recommended for significant excess skin and fat on the inner arms, this procedure helps in tightening and contouring the area.


This surgery focuses on correcting sagging in the inner and outer thighs. It involves removing excess skin, reducing fat, and repositioning the superficial and deeper layers of the thigh.


Designed to permanently remove localized fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. Innovations like the hydro jet and advanced understanding of skin tissues have improved this technique, allowing for more harmonious and less traumatic fat removal.

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