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Smooth and light cosmetic procedures

Like the rest of the body, the oval of the face gradually sags over time. Fortunately, nowadays, Cosmetic Surgery and Anti-Aging Medicine offer many solutions to regain the shape of our original face. Your Cosmetic Surgeon will offer you a facelift. This is the ultimate facial rejuvenation procedure!



Genioplastie, plastic surgery of the chin allows to correct as well a receding chin as a chin too much thrown forward. In both case, the intervention is possible only at the end of the osseous growth, that is after 17 years. The section is most of the time endobuccale and there is this fact no visible scar.


It is often when coming up to the eyelids that the first signs of ageing appear, in the form of wrinkles, of stains and of cutaneous distension. Frequently also greasy pockets exist at the level of the superior eyelid and of the lower eyelid giving to eyes a tired look.


Otoplasty is an intervention which aims at correcting definitively these anomalies by remodelling the cartilage, so as to obtain "restuck" symmetric ears, size and natural aspect. The intervention is made at quite age but it is most of the time from the childhood that it is realized (from 9 years).


The Esthetic Rhinoplasty allows to modify the relief of the nasal pyramid either partially, or in general. It is so possible to remove an ungraceful bump, to refine the nose at its base, to shorten him or to modify the point considered too wide.


The FOREHEAD LIFTING allows to reduce the horizontal wrinkles of the forehead and the wrinkles between the eyebrows ("lion" wrinkles). He also remotes the game external of the eyebrows and thereby partially corrects the sagging of the upper eyelid. It lasts in average 1 hour and a half.


After some minor refinements, you will be able to obtain a facial rejuvenation without coming up to your personality, which is infact the peculiarity of this one size-fits all approach known as Easylift®. Through this single and effective approach made by qualified and experimented plastic surgeons, Easylift® revisits the traditional face-lift. It will enable you to fix problems such as collapse and loss of elasticity of the face.

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