3D consultation: The solution to avoid repetitive dental problems

I go regularly to the dentist but I still have cavities, I do not understand.
My teeth do not stop breaking one after the other, I do not understand why.
Despite my regular visits to the dentist, I still have pain in my teeth.
I know there’s work to be done in my mouth, but I do not have time. It is always the same, to treat a tooth it takes several appointments.
I have blood in my mouth, I do not understand, I regularly wash my teeth.
I have teeth missing, I know I will have to replace them, but eventually I get to eat like that. Is it worth while doing something?
I do not like my smile but I wonder what can be done.

Consultation 3 D will bring you the answers you want.
                   Consultation 3 D What is it?

After having passed a radio-panoramic and a 3-D scanner, we will go through all the elements of the mouth. We work as an architect does when he wants to restore or build a building. We will begin with ” foundations ” the bone of the jaw and dental roots to finish with the visible part in the mouth the crowns of your teeth. It’s no use working on your tooth if we have not checked the condition of the foundations .
Once this analysis is done, depending on the problems encountered, we will establish a treatment plan in the same way that the architect draws the reconstruction plan of his building. We will then be able to set up the work plan and group the sessions of care in order to adapt to your schedule, this obviously according to the technical requirements.
A precise estimate will be drawn up containing the different sequences of the work to be carried out.

@ The 3D Consultation is painless.
@ The Consultation 3 D is the method that gives the best results in the long term.

Do not wait any longer to solve your dental problems.

When you begin your care, a gift will be offered to you to thank you for your confidence.