Dental Malpositions

In good physiological conditions, the teeth appear harmoniously on both dental arches. They are well aligned and can thus work efficiently by distributing their forces among themselves, especially when masticating and swallowing.

What is dental malposition?
When there is not enough space, or an excess of space in the jaw, the teeth are placed as they can, with the risk of wrong position, overlap, excessive gap, gap between the Two arcades.
Some teeth will be too far forward or too far back. The eruption of one will be hampered by the presence of another. There will be a partial covering of two teeth, & c.

What risks?
– Difficult aesthetic damage
– Uneven pressure on chewing: some teeth will work more than others
– Problems of occlusion (closing of the jaws) with repercussions on the entire temporomandibular joint
– Fragilisation (risk of fracture) and Abnormal wear of the teeth
– Problems of speech
– Bite of the gums
– Incomplete dental hygiene: difficulties of brushing, gingivitis or even periodontitis

Possible causes
– A congenital origin: the gene encoding the size of the teeth is different from the gene coding the size of the dental arches. There may therefore be a disharmony between teeth and arches.
– Dental delay: the late arrival of the final teeth means that there is a lack of space for the last ones.
– Functional origin: the position of the teeth is the result of forces applied in the mouth (mastication, pressure of the tongue during swallowing). Anomalies in these functions (infant swallowing with pressure of the tongue on the teeth, oral respiration for example) then cause a malposition of the teeth.

Solutions and treatments
Malpositions can be corrected at different ages and with different means.
Among others:
– inch Abandonment and nipple at a reasonable age
– Functional rehabilitation (swallowing, speech, breathing favoring the nasal to oral …)
– Extraction of temporary teeth if their continued presence is an embarrassment
– specific orthodontic treatments according to Age and malposition
– Laying facets (slight mishaps in adults)