Always looking for new techniques to satisfy and offer optimum comfort to its patients, the Center of Cosmetic Surgery of the Indian Ocean practices the technique of the Extraction Density -FUE DENSITY® Unit.
Considered as ‘Haute Couture de la Graffe de Cheveux’, FUE DENSITY® is favored by the team at the center because it is more precise and less invasive for the patient. This state-of-the-art technique consists of taking follicular units one by one without leaving any scar before re-implanting them in the desired area in a minimum of time.
Practiced by highly qualified practitioners, FUE DENSITY® has allowed the Center of Surgery of the Indian Ocean to establish its reputation beyond the borders of Mauritius. The figures speak for themselves: in 2015, not less than 40% of the patients of the clinic, coming from 31 countries, benefited from the know-how of the Center’s team trained in the rules of The art to the practice of FUE DENSITY®. This technique, which is practiced daily by the center’s team, achieves a final result of excellence.
To see the excellent results obtained with FUE DENSITY®, click on the following video link:


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