The bio-natural treatment of hair loss.

This treatment is carried out as a mesotherapy, the protocol currently used is a minimum of 4 sessions at 15 days intervals, after the sessions of interviews (1 to 2, per year) according to your hair. Used for more than 10 years in repair surgery for their healing and revitalizing properties, enriched platelet extracts give exceptional results. 100% biocompatible treatment. This revolutionary technique involves injecting your own Plasma-rich Plasma after enriched specific centrifugation (vitamins and minerals). These platelet extracts are rich in growth factors and will allow an improvement of the capillary microcirculation and a germ-stimulation of the bulb. Once reinjected, they will act directly on the level of the follicles, Enabling the abnormal fall of the hair to be effectively curbed and the growth to be stimulated. This method helps to sanitize, oxygenate and moisturize your scalp.
This method tested and used for 4 years in our hair transplant center gives wonderful results. It is aimed at patients with hair loss, devitalized hair, excessive sun damage, pollution, and even younger people who want to maintain their hair capital. Stop your hair fall and beautify your hair. The improvements observed (after a possible phase of transient accentuation of the fall due to the expulsion of telogenic hair), the marked decrease of the fall (after the second session) and the improvement in the texture of the hair which becomes more Silky and shiny. The regrowth occurs only after a minimum of 2 to 3 months.
The counter indications are: Pregnancy, Anti-coagulant treatments, Autoimmune diseases, blood diseases.

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