FUE DENSITY® la HAUTE COUTURE of Hair Grafting. 

Pain-Free with no visible scarring and no oedema

In Mauritius, our surgeons regularly perform the FUE DENSITY® FUE or Follicular Unit Extract consists of harvesting and implantation of follicle by follicle. ‘‘ 2013 ‘‘ another new step towards progress: The FUE DENSITY® the Art of Hair grafting


The best way to avoid becoming bald !

Until recently, the classical FUE had 3 downsides: • Longer to perform than an FUT • Limited to 1200 grafts per day for one session • More costly than FUT

Today, the new FUE DENSITY® Technique is Twice as fast. Twice the amount of hair can be extracted in one session ( up to 4300 grafts representing about 7740 hair ) and the cost is divided by two for the same density sought.

Say goodbye to the tough realities of life when you see your hair gradually thining as the months and years pass by. You may now overcome that!

The various improvements in the hair grafting techniques, especially with the FUE DENSITY® extraction done by follicular unit, that is pain-free with no visible scarring and no oedema, make it possible to replace the lost hair by and by , thus preventing one from becoming bald complete. It is indeed a complete planned management of your hair that is being proposed, through several micro sessions of 2 to 3 hours at most, out of which you will get some 1000 HAIR FOR LIFE !

“|A procedure that i can be repeated at regular intervals. As simple as when you go to my hairdresser! It is, indeed as simple as painless as that. We shall no longer say my hairdresser is my best friend but rather my Best friend is my hair restoration Surgeon”


FUE Density in 4 steps :



It is Dr. Arthur Movsisyan who has presented one of the most beautiful clinics in the world situated on Mauritius Island at Trou aux Biches, CENTRE DE CHIRURGIE ESTHÉTIQUE DE L’OCEAN INDIEN whose hair transplant department is a reference in this field. This world-renowned practitioner has revealed 2 of his secrets for a successful transplant, as well as the procedure used and the exact formula of the anesthetic combination he uses to suppress pain during and after the procedure and decrease 99% Edema after a hair transplant.


Miniaturised medical equipment help remove hair without cutting them or causing any damage to the scalp or the follicle. Using a manual extractor, the surgeon can remove up to 3,000 grafts (some 6,600 hairs) in 3 to 5 hours. Which is twice the amount obtained with traditional FUE. Instead of a machine that sucks up the germ cells located at the root of the hair, follicular units (grafts) of 1, 2, 3 or 4 hairs are extracted using 0.6 to 0.9mm-thick micro punches. This technique not only speeds up healing, but also leaves no visible scar after the procedure. It preserves the stem cells that will allow gradual regeneration of the donor area.

This technique not only speeds up healing, but also leaves no visible scar after the procedure. It preserves the stem cells that will allow gradual regeneration of the donor area.


Implantation of grafts FUE DENSITY® The last step of the intervention composed of two methods and they depend on two criteria, the type of scalp of the patient and the choice of density to obtain.

@ First technique of implantation with a specific blade calibrated for the micro-incision and a micro-clamp. Micro-incisions are performed with a specific meaning determined for a natural result. Each graft is carefully inserted. At that point, the classification of the graphs is essential, the grafts of 1, 2, 3 or 4 hair will take their place. One favors the grafts of 1 hair on the frontal border, 2, 3 to see the 4 hair to thicken the areas to be implanted.

@ Second technique of implantation: realized with a Choi Implanter Pen. This technique of last generation allows a much denser implantation and decrease any risk of bleeding. The instrument functions like a lead pencil which have a follicle. No need for preliminary incisions, the result is very fine and the injector is totally allowed to control the angle, the direction of implantation, without damaging the follicle. It is the best technique today.

Important: PLASMA’HAIR® is used at the beginning of each procedure. It improves the quality of the hair graph, accelerates the regrowth of the implanted grafts and optimizes the healing of the sampling zone. The duration of the intervention depends on the total number of implanted grafts; It varies from 2 hours (for 600 to 800 grafts) to 7- 8 hours (for 3000 to 4500 grafts). A first shampoo is scheduled the next morning of the procudure. Fine crusts appear at the level of the grafts; They disappear within 10 days. The regrowth of the hair is done gradually from the first month, the first visible result from the 4th month and the final result from the 9th month.


Effective, natural hair loss treatment.

PLASMA’HAIR® is the latest innovation in hair transplant surgery. After a 5 year testing period, the benefits of using Plasma’Hair at various hair transplant stages is now clear. It improves hair transplant quality in terms of healing, postoperative care and decreases surgical trauma associated with grafting. PLASMA’HAIR® is used for hair transplant for three reasons: graft preservation, quicker hair regrowth (implanted hair) and optimised hair regrowth in the donor area. PLASMA’HAIR® is a natural substance obtained from the patient’s blood. One blood sample is enough for PRP treatment during hair transplant surgery.

PLASMA’HAIR® is obtained by centrifuging blood to create a high concentration of platelets (which are naturally contained in plasma). Plasma and platelets are two different elements. High platelet concentration plasma has been used in haematology, orthopaedics, plastic and reconstructive surgery for many years.