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How much it costs?

Please note that the most objective way of comparing rates per session, is to consider the price per follicular unit.

A follicular unit usually has 1, 2, 3 or 4 hair and the average amount is 2,2 hair per follicular unit. The other alternative is to count in terms of number of hair, as commonly done by many practitioners.

A Follicular Micrografting session is a medical act which varies from one patient to another. You wish a more accurate estimate, please send us three photos (showing your head from the front, from the back and from the top), so that we may assess your degree of baldness and give a proper estimate about the amount of hair that needs to be implanted for a satisfactory result.

Beyond 1000 micrografts, a team consisting of one surgeon,one anaesthetist and 10 to 12 nurses is essential for an optimum result.

Our rates for F.U.E. Density®

For a hair transfer session of more than 3,500 grafts, additional grafts beyond 3,500 grafts are free of charge.

Block Fees includes :

  • Anaesthesia and block fee
  • Single use equipments
  • Block asepsis
  • Medical staff
  • Plasma Hair® treatment costing 400€ is free of charge
  • Plasma Hair® treatment is part of our protocole for hair harvest

** Average number of hair / graft

A study has been done over the past 3 years 2014 – 2015 – 2016 on 1137 patients of the Center.
Average hair / graft is 1,83 E.g : 1000 grafts = 1830 hairs

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